Lewis D. Gilbert, DDS, LTD

CAD/CAM 3D Technology

Custom Planning With The Patient In Mind

Cone Beam CAD/CAM Technology allows for seamless collaboration between restorative and surgical doctors: Dr. Gilbert immediately has the information needed to effectively plan that case up front. The oral surgeon & general dentist team achieve this by realtime treatment planning of the case with “Go To Meeting” Technology and computer online instant communication. Implant positioning is designed by the planned restoration, available bone to insert the implant and critical anatomy. Navigator® precise instrumentation allows for the execution of the treatment plan by surgically replicating the CAD/CAM design without 0.1% error!

Why Use Navigator® Guides?

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Referral satisfaction
  • Predictable outcome
  • Better use of angles & forces
  • Restorative positioning
  • Better use of available bone – Avoid costly bone grafts
  • Avoid critical anatomy, nerves, sinuses, tooth roots
  • Surgery speed-minimize surgery time
  • Surgical accuracy over 99+%
  • Provisional placement possible
  • Transition planning to patient with absolute Accuracy 99+%