The gathering of the New River Valley Dental Implant Study Club is a success.

Last night was another fantastic educational gathering for the New River Valley Dental Implant Study Club. Featured speaker L. K. Bauer’s engaging and insightful presentation titled “Shift Happens” highlighted the importance of dental implants in all aspects of life. Southern WV OMS’s very own Dr. Gilbert was also presented with an award from Nobel Biocare for our […]

Good Oral Hygiene is Essential to Good Healing

Dr Gilbert Oral Surgeon

Southern West Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons wants you to heal as quickly as possible after dental implant surgery and good oral hygiene is essential to good healing. Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The implants themselves are tiny titanium posts that are […]

Don’t Prolong Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dr Gilbert Oral Surgeon

Although this surgery may seem daunting and leave you with an uneasy feeling when you think about it, don’t worry! I put off having my wisdom teeth out for as long as I could (which I don’t recommend because having them grow in is worse than you would think).  I was so nervous the day […]

Avoiding Dry Socket

Dr Gilbert Oral Surgeon

At Southern West Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, we take great care to prepare patients for surgery and to provide useful aftercare instructions. One of our goals after tooth removal is to help you avoid the occurrence of a dry socket. A dry socket, also know as alveolar osteitis, is a condition that sometimes occurs after […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Impacted Teeth

Dr Gilbert Oral Surgeon

Written By Dr. Adonis Terezides Wisdom Teeth and the upper canines are the most common impacted teeth. Treating impacted wisdom teeth is fairly simple and involves surgical removal of the entire tooth. When canines are impacted, the treatment is more complex as these teeth are vital to a healthy bite and good aesthetics. Treatment of […]

Signs and Symptoms That Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed

Written by Dr. Adonia Terezides It’s time for a consultation to discuss wisdom tooth removal if your teenager is experiencing any of the following: Pain or jaw stiffness near an impacted tooth (one that is either stuck under the gum or only able to partially break through the gum) Pain or irritation from a wisdom […]

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed

Dr Gilbert Oral Surgeon

Written by Dr. Adonis Terezides Learn the Signs and Symptoms Indicating Your Teen Needs to Have His or Her Wisdom Teeth Removed If your teenagers are like more than 80% of Americans, chances are that they will eventually develop problems with their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars located at […]